Addictions are traditionally  sorted in two large categoria: chemical, such as alcoholic addiction, and non-chemical, such as  addiction to gambling.

An effective method of psychological rehabilitation for addiction of all kinds is non-directive hypnotherapy, combined with neurofeedbak. 


In a trance state the Client is capable of finding positive life goals,  and  pursuing  those  is perceived as more desireble than addictive behaviour.

The Client sees what changes when those desired goals are already achieved, and he comes to beleive in his or her ability ability  to change  his/her  life and obtain a strong motivation to change lifestyle.

Neurofeedback therapy teaches the Client to find and maintain a pleasant  emotional state without  the object of dependance.


An effective elimination of dependance takes 20 sessions of neurofeedbak, with proven efficasy of 80% of all cases. (With modified Peniston-Kukovsky Protocol  that we use)